Tree Services

Tree Services In York PA Harrisburg PA and Lancaster PA

Tree Removals

When necessary, we can remove a tree efficiently and safely, no matter the size, no matter the location.  We can also use crane tree-trimming and tree removal-york-paservices if needed to remove the tree.  Safety to your property and our employees is always a priority.  Learn more about our Tree Removal Service >>

Tree Pruning

Whenever we prune trees, we follow proper tree pruning guidelines.  The priority is not only improving the immediate look of the tree but improving the tree’s health and enhancing it’s lifespan.  Learn more about Tree Pruning Service >>

Stump Grinding

We can remove stumps left by another tree service or stumps left by you doing the tree removal.  If you have unsightly, unwanted tree stumps we can efficiently remove the stumps.  So you can get the your sight ready for your next tree or landscaping plan.  Learn more about Stump Grinding and Stump Removal >>.

Tree Trimming

When a tree grows too tall or too think, it may need to be thinned and pruned. Trimming or pruning creates a natural appearance and minimizes tree stress while reducing its height. It can also open up space in your yard and offer a naturally shaded area for enjoyment.  Learn more about Tree Trimming >>.

Brush Cleanup

Brush clean up not only can improve the curb appeal of you property.  But it can also can down on pests and insects living close to your home.  It helps the trees in the brush grow better and get more nutrients.  Learn more about Brush Clean Up here  >>.

Emergency Tree Service 24/7

If your you have a fallen tree or limb on your property— or there is the threat of falling — give us a call.  Amspacher Tree Service will  respond quickly to your emergency and take care of the problem. Learn more about Emergency Tree Service >>.

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