Emergency Tree Service York – Harrisburg – Lancaster PA

Need 24 Hour Emergency Tree Service? We Can Handle That!

At 3:00 AM  in the morning or 3:oo PM in the afternoon, Amspacher Tree Service is ready to handle any situation that you may emergency-tree-service-york-paencounter.

We will answer your phone call 24 hours a day and can dispatch crews on demand. We can come out to remove a cracked branch from over a wire or completely remove a 100 foot tree that has uprooted and fallen or is about to fall on a house or structure.

We will work quickly, even in heavy rain and wind to prevent further damage to your property. We stock huge tarps of all sizes to cover roofs which have been damaged and are susceptible to penetration by rain or snow. If your job is going to be covered by insurance, please just request at the start of your job and we will be sure to document and photograph every detail for your claim.

Give Craig or Louanna a call at 717-792-0950 or fill out our contact us form today.

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